Company Policy


We are a non-profit organization, created and managed by volunteers, aviation enthusiasts real and virtual. We strive to continuously improve our organization in order to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of our members. Competitive advantage we see in modernity and affordability as well as the complexity of operating for the Pilots. Our target is to achieve a high quality of flight operations, while maintaining the high satisfaction of our staff.

Privacy policy  

Luxury Airways Virtual provides all its members, acting in accordance with the provisions of the right to privacy. We are committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the law and its relevant regulations. All data are treated by us as confidential. Use of the Service as well as membership in the association constitutes acceptance of this policy. Luxury Airways collects only basic information on the need for recruitment to the line as well as the correspondence of a confidential nature, the line between management and its members. Any unnecessary data having been recruited are automatically deleted from the server resource line. We assure you that we do not pass any data to the outside.