Luxury Airways Virtual Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at Luxury Airways Virtual.

1) General Requirements

1.1) With your registration in Luxury Airways Virtual you accept that all information, you state, will remain in our system.
1.2) The registered members of our Virtual Airline have to file at least one flight per week in order to remain active on our roster.
1.3) The registered members of our VA company should not be CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of any other virtual airline apart from special situations.
1.4) During your registration you cannot choose your own callsign. Your callsign will be given to you automatically and you will be informed via the welcome email
1.5) The staff of Luxury Airways Virtual is able to update the rules and regulations of our virtual airline but the members of our virtual have to be informed about this and re accept the new rules and regulations (based on the kind of change(s)).
1.6) Upon registration, you are requested to provide a valid, working email address. It is member’s responsibility to make sure that the e-mail address on file is valid at all times.
1.7) The pilot must be over the age of 14. And must be in possession of a legal copy of Flight Simulator 2004 or FSX.
1.8) All Pilots MUST NOT use Foul or Discriminative Language to any member of staff or a fellow pilot If This Happens the Pilot/s will be suspended or liable to Dismissal if occars more than once.
1.9) All new Applicants Will be required to do a Entrance Exam Before Registering this is Due to the campers registering but not flying. ***Entrance test Is Offline Due to Requestioning***

2) Flights

2.1) You have to fly online on or network or offline.
2.2) If you fly offline, you are obliged to use Luxury Airways Virtual Dispatcher ( kAcars ) in order to report your flights on our Flight Pirep System (FPS).
2.3) During your flights you have to use your callsign which will be given to you after your registration.
2.4) You have to able to comply with basic air traffic instructions from both UKATC and ChicagoATC.
2.5) You must not connect to any network while you are positioned on the runway or taxiway. Please Spawn at the Gate
2.6) During your flights, you have to use an aircraft from the fleet of our company. Please Contact us asap If you cant get one
2.7) Your flights have to be flown with real world weather conditions and real time
2.8) Your first flight at Luxury Virtual Airways must be completed within 14 days of your acceptance date.

3) Forum

3.1) You must not publish any third person’s personal information.
3.2) You have to use a title that describes the content of your post.
3.3) You must not spam on the forum on any way.
3.4) You have to keep your posts on-topic.
3.5) You have to respect the community and the members of our forum. You must not use bad language.
3.6) The moderators and/or the administrators of our forum are responsible to maintain an overall enjoyable atmosphere in this forum. They have the rights to transfer your post to another category or even to delete it from the forum if they decide that your post violates the forum rules.

4) Website Privacy

4.1) Luxury Airways Virtual is able to use the information you provide to use in order to improve our website
4.2) Luxury Airways Virtual may send you informal emails which will contact announcements and news about our company.
4.3) Our website may contain links to other websites. You have to know that by using these links you have to know that we do not have any control over that website.
4.4) We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we are required by law to do so. There may be occasions where sophisticated hacks may be carried out that we cannot protect from. If this is the case, Luxury Airways Virtual Executive will take appropriate actions including informing members whos data may have been compromised. PLEASE NOTE: All pilot Data is Backed up weekly
4.5) Any attempt to cheat or hack Luxury Airways Virtual Services will result to your account suspension. This Includes Teamspeak and Our Own Servers

5) Staff Rules

5.1) Prospective Staff Members of Luxury Airways Virtual must have an active account for at least two (2) months prior to the appointment with at least 20 hours of flying.
5.2) Staff Members must have a sufficient knowledge of how to use our Flight Scheduling System, Forum and any other services related to our virtual airline.
5.3) The Staff Members of Luxury Airways Virtual must not be staff members to any other virtual airline.
5.4) Staff Members must be able to devote at least 4 hours per week to their responsibilities.
5.5) Staff Members must be able to read and write fluently in English language.
5.6) Staff Members have to maintain the online activity of our virtual airline not only on our forums but also in other flight simulation related forums.
5.7) The rating of Staff Member in Luxury Airways Virtual has to be considered like a privilege and not like a right.
5.8) Staff Members of Luxury Airways Virtual must use their official LAV email (xx (at) luxuryairways (dot) co (dot) uk) in order to send emails related to Luxury Airways Virtual. They are not allowed to use it as a personal email.
5.9) Staff Members of Luxury Airways Virtual must have an online presence on our forums and on our TeamSpeak. Also they have to try and help the new members of our virtual airline.
5.10) All Luxury Airways Staff have to treat each other with Respect. Bad Language or Verbal Abuse is not Tolerated. The fallowing MUST be Reported to a member of staff Higher than your Rank IE: Pilot -> HR Manager etc

If you agree with our Rules and Regulations, you may continue to The Entrance Test by clicking below.

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